Treating Anxiety Disorders With Hypnotherapy

Fear has many faces. Sometimes it comes along unvarnished as naked panic and sometimes it hides behind alleged reason.

The triggers for fear are also varied. Basically, you can be afraid of everything that exists and of much that doesn’t exist. The list of phobias is almost endless. However, online hypnotherapy (Online Hypnosetherapie) in particular claims to be able to deal with all fears from ablutophobia to zoophobia.


The effectiveness of hypnotherapy for anxiety disorders has been scientifically proven

The most common diagnoses in which hypnosis is used include various anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, logophobia (fear of speaking), or diffuse fears without a recognizable cause. The effectiveness in this area is very well documented.


Methods to prove the effectiveness

The effectiveness of hypnosis can be shown in empirical studies as well as with various methods of monitoring brain activities.

In the field of hypnosis and fear, however, it is much more important to recognize the conditions under which the brain’s ability to organize itself can be influenced by the trance. The changes in the brain during hypnosis are observed using imaging techniques. It becomes very clear that the brain reacts differently under deep relaxation than in a non-relaxed state.

In the state of deep relaxation, pictorial associations are learned more easily. This has various concrete implications for the patient. For example, fear-inducing situations are reinterpreted in trance and charged with other, positive content.

In addition, the patient in the trance learns to react differently to the fear that arises and to face it with calm and self-confidence. This newly learned behavior is sustainably learned in deep relaxation.

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Comprehensive phobias, undifferentiated anxiety disorders, and panic attacks can be treated particularly well with hypnosis

Hypnosis goes beyond the conscious recognition of the so-called triggers and the resulting behavior. In this way, the feeling of fear can be reassessed and the story of how it came about can be experienced anew.

Relaxation training is always part of the hypnosis treatment. The patient learns to control his breathing, calm his heartbeat and regain control of his body. An ability that leads him into a trance on the one hand, but which also helps him in concrete fear situations.

It should be mentioned at this point that a severe anxiety disorder can rarely be treated with just one hypnotic session. The patient has often experienced anxiety intensely for several years and has used strategies to avoid it. This requires individual patient attention and may require multiple sessions to heal. However, after about three to four sessions, most patients can look forward to a fear-free future.