Protein Powder: Good For Health And Diet?

Protein shakes are becoming increasingly popular. They are said to help with muscle building and weight loss at the same time. The drinks are trendy because they are said to bring various benefits.

Why proteins are so important

Proteins are compounds made up of amino acids, including L-arginine and L-carnitine. They are an important building block of your body and essential for muscle building. They also perform other important functions, such as the production of antibodies. Therefore, an adequate supply of nutrients is very important. For adults who do not do much physical activity, a daily intake of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is recommended. For amateur athletes, protein intake should be increased slightly. Professional athletes should consume a little more, but no more than two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Muscle building support

Since protein is important for building muscle, it’s no wonder nuzest protein powder is in high demand among athletes. In fact, they can further promote muscle growth during intensive training. Sufficient proteins are a basic requirement for muscles to be able to grow.

Protein shakes can help not only with building muscles, but also with regeneration. Strength training with heavy weights quickly leads to small injuries to muscle cells and fibers. In order for these cracks to heal properly, the body needs enough protein as a building material.

Help with weight loss

Protein shakes are not only taken to build muscle, they are also said to help with weight loss. The protein in the protein shakes ensures a relatively long-lasting feeling of satiety, which means that less food is consumed overall.

The shakes themselves are relatively low in calories. A shake mixed with water has around 120 calories. If you replace a meal with it every day, you can reduce your total calorie intake, which in turn is a prerequisite for losing weight.


Are protein shakes superfluous?

Many experts doubt the point of protein shakes and point out that amateur athletes will hardly achieve the desired effect from the shakes. Regular training and a balanced diet are crucial for building muscle and losing weight. The daily protein requirement can easily be covered with a healthy and balanced diet.

Protein shakes are of limited use

Protein shakes can help athletes optimize their diet. They are a convenient way to provide the body with enough protein and often taste delicious. However, they are not a must to build muscle mass. Even with a diet, the drinks do not automatically help, but they can have a supporting effect.