7 Health Indicators Your Lips Are Telling You

Woman's Lips


The lip color says a lot. No, we’re not talking about lipstick – even if it speaks its own language, or it as a facial aesthetic (where more people are taking a lip filler course to make the lips more beautiful), The natural color, as well as the texture, of the lips says a lot about health! Because they are, so to speak, an indicator for our body.

Here are 7 things our lips can tell us about our health.

Pink lips: Healthy

Does a beautiful rich pink color adorns your lips? Then you will probably enjoy the best health! And even if they shine a little bit brighter red, that’s no reason to worry, they are simply more supplied with blood.

Bright red lips: Strong blood circulation

As mentioned earlier, even if your lip color is a bit brighter, this is usually no reason to worry as they are just particularly well supplied with blood. Maybe you just did sports? After physical exercise, the lips like to appear a little redder.

Pale, slightly pink/bright red lips: Blood circulation or liver problems

If, on the other hand, your lips are very bright and only pale pink in color, there may be a blood circulation problem. Are you dizzy? In any case, observe how your condition develops and call for help if it gets worse. Pale lips can also indicate an iron deficiency.

If your lips are only bright red by default, do not become stronger even after exertion, there could also be a problem with the spleen or liver. Again, you should consult a doctor and have your organs examined.


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Dark red to blue lips: Lack of oxygen

The lips of smokers often appear dark red, sometimes even slightly purple. That’s because the blood of smokers is less saturated with oxygen.

If you are a non-smoker, but your lips are still dark red, there could also be a problem with digestion. Have you noticed any other problems with this? A change in diet can make a big difference here.

If the lips instead go more bluish, this is also a sign of oxygen deficiency – but of a greater extent. This can also be a sign that the heart is not working properly and cannot pump enough blood into the body or that it can absorb too little oxygen. You should urgently have this examined by a doctor – especially if cardiovascular problems are added.

Brittle lips: Signs of lack of water

Often brittle lips simply come from wind and weather – if you have been outside for a long time, for example. Or you have been in the sun for a long time and your lips are burning – then you have probably caught some sunburn. However, if you often suffer from brittle lips, this could also indicate dehydration. This is also noticeable with dry skin up to headaches. Be sure to drink enough water during the day. It should already be two liters because lack of fluid can have many unpleasant consequences.

Torn corners of the mouth: Nutrient deficiency

Painfully torn corners of the mouth are annoying – and can be due to a lack of nutrients. It can help very quickly to change the diet a bit: more fruits and vegetables, for example. However, the problem can also be due to a yeast or herpes infection – especially if blisters are added. If the problem persists despite good nutrition, ask your family doctor.

Swollen lips: Allergy

Are your lips unnaturally swollen? Then this is probably due to an allergic reaction – especially if there is also a burning and itching in the oral cavity. If it remains swelling, you should take an allergy test. Does the swelling get stronger or do you get shortness of breath? Then please contact the emergency doctor immediately, because it could be an allergic shock. You can read more about allergies and intolerances on our topic page.

It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the lips because they are a true mirror for our health.