Mindfulness Exercises for Better Sleep

Feeling the struggle to get a good night’s sleep? You have company. Instead of counting sheep, try practicing mindfulness techniques. They may just be the key to a more restful night’s sleep. Learn how to drift off to sleep by directing your attention here.

The Influence of Being Here Now

The practice of being fully present in the here and now, without attaching any judgment to it, is known as mindfulness. When you do this easy task, you can put an end to the mental chatter that keeps you up at night. You can subtly guide your thoughts away from concerns and dwelling on past events by directing your attention to your breathing or physical sensations.

Effective Sleep Methods in a Nutshell

While practicing body scan meditation, lie down in a comfortable position and pay attention to your muscles. As you go over each area, try to relax any knots you may have seen.

Being Aware of Your Breath

Take slow, deep breaths in and out, allowing your belly to rise and fall with each breath. To help you concentrate, try counting your breaths.

Meditation with a Guide

You may find a variety of applications that provide guided meditations tailored to help you sleep. If you’re feeling anxious, these mild suggestions can help you relax.


Though they won’t solve your sleep problems overnight, mindfulness practices can help you relax and calm your racing thoughts. If you make it a habit, you may discover that you fall asleep more easily and have a better night’s sleep overall.