Low-Impact Exercises: Kicking Out Your Knee Pain

The knee is unquestionably a complicated joint. And you might be surprised to learn that it does additional everyday tasks.

Knee pain is a big barrier, regardless of whether you have a serious injury or a persistent discomfort problem. 

It may not be possible for people undergoing orthopedic recovery to engage in physical exercises. Alternatively, low-impact workouts can offer the benefits of movement without the disadvantages of more strenuous exercises.

Low-Impact Exercise: What Is It?

Low-impact workouts are less strenuous on the body than more strenuous, performance-oriented ones. It’s easy for certain orthopedic patients to write off basic, low-impact workouts as useless. On the other hand, low-impact activities can be quite beneficial if the sports medicine diagnosis calls for them.

Which Common Exercises Have a Low Impact?

Exercises with little impact are widespread. Additionally, orthopedic patients often find them to be a pleasant change of pace.


Although it uses both the legs and the knees, cycling is a low-impact (yet high-intensity) workout that can help you reach your fitness objectives.


Making the transition from running to walking should be very easy.


Unlike a treadmill, the elliptical keeps your feet elevated so that none of your strides are painful.

Rowing Machine

A lot of people love the rowing machine’s rhythmic movement.


Kayaking is another excellent low-impact fitness option if you’d rather be on a real boat than in a simulator.


Maintaining the same unhealthy workout regimen will eventually have an impact on your long-term health. Speak with an experienced orthopaedic doctor to determine the ideal low-impact workout for your physique.