Healthiest Fruits To Eat

Are you wondering what kind of fruit is the healthiest?. The answer is that it depends on the results you’re looking for. Although all fruit is healthy as they contain vitamins, nutrients, and minerals needed by our body, which is the best?


What fruits are the healthiest to eat?

The  USDA Nutrient Database determined the finest sources of many vitamins and nutrients in fresh fruit. Fruits such as Raspberries, Passionfruit, Dates, Persimmons, Guava, Blackberries, and Clementines contain the most amount of vitamins and minerals. Accordingly, it is concluded that it is best to consume fruit, and a lot of it, to get all the advantages for your body and health. 


What fruit is best to add in your diet

All fruits are good to include in your diet, but if you’re wondering, berries are the best one to have in your diet. Berries of all kinds such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries and many more are a great fruit to eat because they are low in fat and calories, as well as a fantastic source of fiber and a number of essential vitamins and minerals, according to McAnulty, a nutritionist who teaches at Appalachian State University. The berries help to improve brain and heart health, better blood pressure readings, increased insulin sensitivity, and decreased cancer risks.


Different types of Berries photo by healthline