Boost Fat Burning: How The Pounds Tumble

Food supplies the body with energy. If more energy is taken in than used, the body converts it into fat. What then annoys in the form of rolls of bacon also has vital functions. Adipose tissue is an important energy store in the body, i.e. a long-term reserve in the event of times of need.

However, if this reserve is not needed and more and more fat is stored in the body, there are health consequences. Excessive visceral fat that surrounds the abdominal organs is considered a health risk. This is where dietary supplement can come into play aside from healthy diet.

Boost nutrition and fat burning?

A negative calorie balance is a prerequisite for fat burning. It is important to eat a diet that fills you up, but supplies the body with less energy than is broken down by physical activity. Experts recommend saving between 500 and a maximum of 800 calories a day.

Various nutritional concepts are suitable for this

With the lacto-vegetable mixed diet, the focus is on dairy products and plant-based foods. Above all, complex carbohydrates and fiber from whole grain products, legumes, vegetables and fruit end up on the plate. The whole thing is rounded off by low-fat milk and dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt, while meat, fish, and eggs. Of course sweets are enjoyed in moderation. Fat should be reduced and eaten mainly in the form of vegetable oils with healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

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A protein-focused reduction diet is also suitable for burning fat. Carbohydrates, which should usually make up more than half of the total daily energy requirement, are reduced over a limited period of time in favor of protein-rich foods.

Unnecessary calories can also be saved with drinks. Do without sugary soft drinks. Alcohol is also a real fattening agent. Fruit juices should be diluted in a ratio of 1:2. Otherwise, grab water and unsweetened teas.

Beware of diet madness

Don’t overdo it on the subject of boosting fat burning. In order to stay healthy, it is not important to be as slim as possible. Research shows that fit fat people, in contrast to unfit thin people, do not have an increased risk of death. So it’s less about weight and more about physical fitness and everyday exercise. Do sports, eat healthily but with pleasure. Then and there, you will automatically settle down to your individual feel-good and healthy weight.