The Sweet Life: Diabetes without Boundaries
by Sam Talbot

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About the book

Sam Talbot is a professional chef, restaurateur, surfer, painter, philanthropist, and, since the age of 12,
type 1 diabetic. Yet he has not let the disease stop him from living a rich life packed with energy, adventure, and achievement—culinary and otherwise. In his first, much-anticipated book, he recounts how diabetes has affected but not compromised his life or career, and he shares his own tips—alongside those from other famous diabetics like Halle Berry, Larry King, and Tommy Lee—on how to handle everything from work and hobbies to relationships and travel with discipline and enthusiasm.

To round out this advice, he offers bits of foodie wisdom and 75 innovative recipes for fresh, all-natural dishes anybody, diabetic or not, can prepare and enjoy.

Heartfelt, entertaining, and backed by real-life experience and solid medical expertise, Sam Talbot’s
Guide to the Sweet Life will give readers hope, inspiration, and the proof they need to realize that life
with diabetes isn’t about diabetes: It’s about living.



51 comments on "Book"

  1. Cheryl says:

    Would love new ways to fix fruit dishes without pastry and sweetners Looking forward to Sam Talbot’s new recipe book.

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Oops, sent you the wrong reply! This is what I meant to say. I like to get some fresh, seasonal fruit and toss it with olive oil, fresh mint, lemon juice and sea salt. It might sound crazy but the mix of sweet, salty and savory is really good. Try it out! -ST

  2. kelley says:

    Are the recipes in this book low carb? I have been a T1D for 20 years and follow a low carb diet. Thanks!

  3. Patrice Palmer says:

    My sister just called me about the piece airing on CNN this morning. My son Andrew, was diagnosed last year at the age of 13. He loves to cook and would like to own a restaurant some day. I have shared your website on a Facebook page of 200+ moms of children living with Type 1 diabetes. It is inspiring to see what you are doing. Just one question – when I went to the recipes section of your website, the carbs are not listed. Does you cookbook list the carbs for your recipes? thanks Patrice Palmer in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Hi Patrice, thanks for your kind words and for spreading the word. All nutritional information (including carbs) is listed in my book. I apologize we don’t have this information for the recipes on the website. We are hoping to provide that in the future. All recipes that have nutritional information have to be independently tested by a company to obtain the nutritional values. It’s a long process, but we’re looking into it! I hope you check out the book and I hope you like it! -ST

  4. Maureen says:

    I’m really interested in your book, Sam. I saw the segment on CBS Sunday Morning last week and was so excited to see it, because my sugar numbers have just started to climb and my doctor wants me lose weight and start eating as if I already had diabetes, so that maybe, I can stall the onset of it. The segment seemed to come just at the right time for me.

    I went to look for the book at my local B&N the other day and they didn’t have a copy. Is there anywhere on this site or any other where we can read an excerpt of the book or an index of the recipes on there? I’m sure your book is fabulous, but I am on a budget, so I would just like to check it out a little bit more in depth before I buy it. Thanks so much!

  5. Sam, I have type II diabetes, plus, need to stay away from salt, have advanced COPD, high cholesterol. high blood pressure, am over weigh, and very high triglycerides. Looking for recipes that cover all these if possible.

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Hi George, you should consult your doctor for specific recommendations based on your health. With that said, many of the recipes featured in my new book are generally healthy. -ST

  6. Deborah says:

    I have T1 and I bought your cookbook on my B&N Nook, but there’s no indication of serving size or number of servings per recipe, so I have no idea of I’m eating 3 or 7 units worth of carbs, or how big a portion should be. Can you let your publisher know? Kind of defies the point of buying a book with carb counts. :(

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Hi Deborah, please don’t be upset! The serving sizes are in the book! Each recipe has a plate underneath it with a number in it and that is the serving size for each recipe. My apologies if this was not intuitive for you, but I hope it helps. -ST

  7. Tonya G says:

    I just saw you rachel.I have a busy life are the recipes in your book easy and quick . I have type 1 diabetes and need to lose weight and it’s hard for me to find recipes that are quick and easy 4 my busy life.

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Hi Tonya, thanks for reaching out! There are definitely some easy and quick recipes in the book. Not every one is, but many are. I highly recommend you check it out as I think you’ll find it to be very beneficial. If you want to purchase it from Amazon, you can buy here!

  8. Jeanae says:

    I just saw a rerun of The Rachel Ray show. I am so excited to buy your book now! I am a type 2 diabetic. I recently lost 78 lbs and my blood sugar is under control now. I am very strict on my diet and eating. I also have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Are the sodiums contents also listed in your book? I made the shrimp dish that you made on the RR show. YUM! I am going out to look for those noodles you made on Nate Burkus’s show- shirataki? I think! Thanks!

  9. Rashell says:

    Hi Sam,
    First off, wanted to say loved you on the nate show when you shared the recipes sure under $10. I am not a diabetic but my father and grandmother are and i been blessed not to have been diagnosed. I try to live a healthy lifestyle, along with my husband as well. But what I really wanted to ask are the recipes in your book something that you would recommend to prepare for my family?

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Hi Rashell, thanks! I’m really happy to hear that you’re living healthy with your family. I absolutely think my recipes are friendly for your family. I think your husband and your kids would find the recipes to be flavorful and delicious. I may be biased though. ;) Hope you check out the book! -ST

  10. Mary Ann Baptista says:

    Hi Sam
    My daughter is 11 and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a 1 1/2 years ago
    She use to say she wanted to be a chef and when she was diagnosed I thought she would change her mind but she said no I still want to be a chef and help diabetics. She watches your show and when I saw an article on you she knew who you were but didn’t know you were a diabetic.It’s nice to hear positive stories like yours. We are having a hard time with her coming out of her “honeymoon” period and into puberty at the same time. I’m interested in getting your book and having her make some recipes. Recipes and encouragement is what she needs right-wing now!
    Mary Ann

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Thanks Mary Ann, I appreciate that. I would advise you to check out my book, as it tells more about my story, but also focuses on flavorful foods and recipes while remaining healthy. I firmly believe you and your daughter will love it! -ST

  11. katy says:

    Sam, my 9-year old T1 son and I love your book! He especially likes the picture of you testing your blood sugar with a total scratched-up One-Touch mini.

    I was moved to write when I saw that carb counts have to be vetted by a specialist before you can publish them. I don’t want to be a total harridan, but the carb counts for some of the recipes in the book are totally useless. (For example if a pancake recipe says it makes 6-8 servings, then lists the carbs per serving. But doesn’t say what a serving is. 2 x 4″ pancakes? 1 x 6″ pancake? I added up the carbs in the whole bowl of batter, weighed the batter, then weighed it again with 1/3c batter missing, and…figured it out from there.) But I *know* you must really know the exact amount, because of how well you take care of yourself. For the next book, or for the 2nd edition of this one, I think you should include “The carb count Sam uses at home for these pancakes” and “The official nutrition consultant’s carb counts, useless but included for legal reasons.”

    ALSO. We are dying to know: do you REALLY use 1200 test strips IN A MONTH?

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Hi Katy, my apologies for the overdue response. I try to check in when I can. The carb counts are correct, and the serving sizes are actually listed in the book. They are next to the recipes inside of the little plates. I also apologize if this wasn’t clear to you! I’m glad to hear you and your son otherwise like the book though. Hopefully this helps you! Also, the test strip comment in the book is a mistake. It’s actually more like 200. ;) -ST

  12. Marcelle says:

    I bought three of these books last week, one for my parents and two for myself. While I am not Diabetic, I have found this book to be filled with great, healthful eating ideas and the most delicious easy to make recipes. I am obsessed. I have truly enjoyed everything in this book. Thank you!!!

  13. I m a profesional that works with patient with diabetes in Chile, South America ; and they always complains about the rutinary of their food.
    This book is a very good oportunity for them to try new things without the consecuenses of overweighth .
    Are you planing in translating it to other language like spanish?
    If it is already were can I get one

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Hi Carla, I dont’ believe my book is available in Spanish, but you make a good suggestion! While I can’t make any promises, I will speak to my publisher and suggest it. Thanks for writing and suggesting! -ST

  14. ilham askri says:

    hi sam i m ilham n i m one of ur biggest fan n thank u 4 this amazing book

  15. Stacey Foxson says:

    Ordering this book today! My 5 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in May…but hasn’t slowed her down a bit!!! Love to hear of others who rise above hardships and live life to the fullest…and excited to check out the recipes!
    Stacey (mom of Dempsey)

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Hi Stacey, thanks so much for checking out the book, I hope you like it! Your daughter sounds like an amazing kid. Tell her hello from me. Thanks for writing in and good luck to you bother! -ST

  16. hi sam i am alrghdaa . i am 20 years old . i go to faculty of medicine .

    i am from egypt

  17. Helen says:

    I bought the book but don’t see the number of servings listed, per recipe. My husband has been newly diagnosed with Type 2 & is doing great with diet alone (doesn’t need meds) but we have to be very careful with portion size.

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Hi Helen, sorry for any confusion. The number of servings is listed in the plate next to each recipe. Then, you can obviously do the math for each recipe to determine the nutritional information. Thank you for buying the book and I hope you and your husband like it! -ST

  18. Sandee says:

    Hi Sam,

    Love the recipes in your book. I sorry if this is a no brainer! I try to keep my carbs at 30-35 per meal. Most of your recipes are well over 30. What do you suggest?

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Hi Sandee, thanks for writing in. I have to disagree with you that most of my recipes are well over 30 carbs! It is true, some recipes are over 30 carbs per serving, but I just flipped through the entire book and saw plenty of recipes that were not. If you are looking to keep your carb counts down, you could reduce the size of the portion for the recipes that are higher in carbs. Maybe make another 1 of my recipes that is lower in carbs to go with the recipe that is higher in carbs! :)

  19. Tabbii Kat says:

    LOVING the book! seriously this is such an honest approach to growing up with diabetes and the first (if not the only) book that makes diabetic recipes gourmet and FABULOUS. Some of the ingredients are hard to get outside of America but its still an amazing book to have.

    BONUS: Sam could easily be a model so theres no way to lose focus reading the books haha

  20. Mariana says:

    Hi Sam! I just wanted to let you know that you are my all-time favorite top chef contestant! You are so inspiring!!! I would LOVE to meet you someday :) .

  21. Kathy Viesselman says:

    can’t find the vodka recipe you made on CBS Saturday. Where is it?

  22. Melissa T says:

    I can’t find the maca cider recipe you made on Bethenny today. Do you have it on your site?

  23. Nadia says:

    Is the maca drink previewed on the Bethenny segment included? I’m not sure what kind (red, yellow?) maca to look for and I’m assuming you masked the strong root’s taste in a smoothie?

  24. Jon Butler says:

    I went to high school with Sam and I’m so glad with your success. Looking at picking up your book because diabetes runs in the family and at close to 36 I want to pay better attention to what I’m eating to try and prevent the health problems that come with it. Take care man and keep up all the good work

  25. Sean says:

    Hey Sam big fa

    I am a 40yr type 1, things are so much different now. Been using needles all my life was wondering if you have any advice on a pump and gluten free diet?

    • Sam Talbot says:

      Hi Sean, good to hear from you. I might advise you to check out my book, The Sweet Life, which is available on where I talk a lot about all of these things, but in the meantime I’d recommend cooking with Shirataki noodles and I use a humalog pump !

  26. Natalie says:


    I really like this book. I used it for my 4-H project. I got a good ribbon.



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