Sam Blog Contest!

Are you a blogger?

If so, this is for you! Bloggers have been an instrumental part of Chef Sam Talbot’s success and Sam wants to continue the conversation. We are interested in bloggers engaging Sam and helping to talk about the causes he supports which could include his new book the Sweet Life, his charity The Sweet Life Kitchen, JDRF and Sustainable seafood among others. These are suggestions but not requirements!

3 winners will be selected by Sam. 2 runner-ups will receive a personalized signed copy of Sam’s current book, The Sweet Life, and Sam will provide a link to these blogs via his email list. 1 grand prize winner will receive a customized cooking demo of one of his recipes for their blog.

Additionally, Sam will give a shout out by linking to the winning blog/interview via facebook, twitter and his email list (if the winner is on twitter, we will include your handle as well). The grand prize winner will also receive a personalized signed copy of The Sweet Life. Details for the winners will be handled and determined after the contest has ended. The cooking demo for the grand prize winner will be based on Sam’s availability.

You may submit your blog to and please include in the subject line, “Sam Talbot Blog Contest” and in the body please provide a link to your blog about Sam, your full name and email address. The deadline to submit your blog will be, Monday, February 13, at 11:59 PM EST. No late submissions will be considered.

Sam wants to thank all of the many bloggers over the years who have supported him and his causes. Please reply to this message if you have any questions and good luck!

3 comments on "Sam Blog Contest!"

  1. Lauren says:

    o.k. so I missed the deadline, but as a Wellness In The School volunteer, it was a pleasure to meet Sam. Please say hi for me and hope he gets to see my blog, Lauren’s Plate

    Lauren Simon

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