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Valentine’s Day Dinner For Two

Check out this special Valentine’s Day dinner for two that Sam has created with AOL! Scallops with Toasted Pasta, Meyer Lemon and Pomegranate. See the full recipe here.

Cook Nice With Sam & Henry: Better Burrito

The universe calls on us and it’s how we respond that makes the story come full circle. This past summer, the universe put this kid Henry in front of me. After a few exchanges with him via instagram, it just happened that his family was staying close by in Brooklyn for the week. We made a plan to meet up. Henry is one of the raddest 7 year olds I have ever met! He rocks an insulin pump, and even wears a 24 hour glucose monitor just like me. Henry refers to his pump and cgm as robots and he and I are robot bros for sure. The best part about Henry? He takes great care of his body by eating his vegetables, drinks lots of water, hates soda (yuck!) and avoids things like processed foods and sugar. He wears crazy awesome glasses and two of his heroes are Batman and me! I mean, Batman wears his underwear on the outside of his pants — so you decide who is cooler. READ MORE

Silent Sunday
Trend Alert: Great Grains

Sam’s menu for The Elk is spotlighted at Food Network, including a recipe for the seasonal market bowl with brown rice. Check it out!

Super Sprowtz Episode 1

Sam is the chef in residence for Super Sprowtz, an exciting new show teaching kids that eating well can give you super powers. Watch the first episode!